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Head Coach: Damon Martinson | Assistant Coaches: Dale Evans & Rory Herring

2022 Highlights

An awesome season for our Middle School Wrestling Team!
As a team they walked away with a total 143 match wins, which was a 67% winning average, and a crazy 115 of those wins were pins.

Huge applause for our FIRST YEAR kids who just blew our minds - TJ, Lucas, Logan, Jay Jay, Gabe and Aiden - they gave wrestling a try for the first time as 8th graders. They worked hard, kicked butt, and proved it’s never too late to try something new and have success! This is only the beginning, boys!

And our experienced wrestlers - Alex, Cooper, Kashton, Bryar, Nolan, Michael, Jaxson, Tayden, and Tanner - you grew as leaders, built on skills, and dominated on the mats over and over again. We were never surprised (but always excited) to see your arms being raised over your heads in victory.

Such a great group of kids, on and off the mats.

We can’t wait to see what the future of DeForest Wrestling looks like with EACH of you a part of it!

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