2021 - 2022 Registration 

You must purchase your USAW ID# Prior to registering. This is $50 and is paid directly to USA Wrestling
Step by Step Instructions Available Here
USA Wrestling Website: https://www.teamusa.org/usa-wrestling/membership

Gold Medal Fee: $40 
Registration will close on December 13th - If Registering after this date, team shirts or singlets may not be available. 

Wrestler Information


The cost to rent or buy a singlet is $40.  If RENTING please give us a CHECK at the 1st practice. Do not pay the RENTAL fee via PayPal.  Your check will be returned once you've turned in the singlet at the end of the season.

When in Doubt Sit Them Out: WIAA Concussion Information
Please take a few minutes to educate yourself and your athlete on concussions.  Education is part of prevention. 


The safety of our athletes, coaches, and volunteers is a top priority for the Gold Medal Wrestling Club.  To have a safe and full season we are asking parents & guardians to keep your child home if they are sick.  As a club we are implementing the following:

• Athletes will be placed in groups of 3-4 based on weight. This will be their practice group of partners. 

• Athletes should bring their own water bottle.  Water fountains at the schools are turned off. 

• Hand sanitizer will be readily available at practice and is encouraged to use before the start of practice and in between breaks. 

• Only one parent or guardian will attend practice.

• We also ask that parents do not stay in the wrestling room during practice.  We do understand that with the younger athletes (K-2) this may be more difficult for the athlete, but we encourage parents to try.

• You are welcome to stay at practice, but we ask that you sit in the cafeteria area if attending practice at the Middle School.  If your athlete is attending practice at the High School, benches are available outside of the swim pool area. 

In addition to the above Gold Medal Wrestling Clubs asks that parents/guardians agree that they will not send their Athlete to practice/Gold Medal Wrestling Events if: 

• The Athlete is not able to attend school due to sickness or quarantine mandate. 

• The Athlete tests positive for COVID-19, they must complete a 10 day isolation from the onset of symptoms or date of positive test. 

• The Athlete is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19, including, but not limited to, cough, shortness of breath or difficulty breathing, fever, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle pain, headache, sore throat, or new loss of taste or smell ( athlete may return to practice with a negative PCR test), if athlete is not tested should complete a 10 day isolation from the start of symptoms. 

• The Athlete has a household member that has been diagnosed with COVID-19, athlete should complete recommended quarantine and may return after 7 days of quarantine with a negative PCR test taken on day 6 or 7 of the last contact with family member (this may be after the family member´s 10 day isolation period if unable to isolate from them in the home) 

• The Athlete has been in close contact with an individual outside of their household that tested positive for COVID-19.  Athlete should complete a 7 day quarantine and may return with a negative PCR test taken on day 6 or day 7 from the close contact date. 

Parents & Guardians also agree to:

• Wearing a mask as per current Dane County mandate. We suggest having your athlete put the mask on first then have them put their headgear on.  This helps keep the mask in place.

• Contact Gold Medal Wrestling (deforestwrestling@gmail.com) if their Athlete tests positive for COVID-19, has been in close contact with a positive case or is experiencing symptoms. 

• Only send Athlete back to practice if they are allowed to attend school. 

• For vaccinated Athletes: they may return to practice after a close contact exposure without quarantine if they are not experiencing any symptoms.   However it is still recommended to get tested 3-5 days after exposure. 


I understand that Gold Medal Wrestling Club, LTD. cannot be held liable for any exposure to the COVID-19 virus caused by misinformation on this form or the health history provided by each athlete. 


By checking the box below, I agree to each statement above and release Gold Medal Wrestling Club, LTD and any and all participants in this program who can be proved to be truthful on this waiver from any and all liability for the unintentional exposure or harm due to COVID-19. These requirements are subject to change as Dane County Public Health puts out new guidelines.

Parent / Guardian Contact Information 

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